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Here are some common questions about our tours.


Most frequent questions and answers

This depends on your tour itinerary. If your itinerary includes transportation to your accommodation, then you can easily take all your luggage with you and we will store it in the car during daily activities, and transfer it to your accommodation afterwards.

If your itinerary includes a trek to your accommodation, there is often only a trekking trail leading there (especially if it’s a home stay in a local village) and in this case, you luggage cannot be transported. Therefore you should only bring a light backpack with essentials.

When packing for a tour, you should take into account several factors, such as weather, tour duration, activities in your tour package, and also accommodation type.

What you wear for activities depends, not only on which activity you have in your itinerary, but also on the season (rainy, hot, or cold season) during which you go on a tour with us.

If the booking gives you any trouble, please send us a booking inquiry at and include tour start date, tour name or link to the tour on our website, and a number of guests in your group.

We accept bookings up to four months in advance. If you would like to book a tour further in advance, we can make a temporary booking for you and send you an invoice to confirm the booking four months before your tour is scheduled to start.

Most of our tours start and finish in Nairobi city. We can pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation or  at the airport.

We organize private tours and most of our guests prefer a private tour. However, we also receive an occasional request for a join in tour and if you are interested in a group tour, you can let us know when you book. We will make a note with your booking and should we receive another inquiry for a group tour, we can join your bookings. Do keep in mind that your tour might remain private if we do not receive another group tour inquiry.


We can prepare vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free meals, and more. Let us know what your dietary requirements are and we will make sure to prepare appropriate meals for you.