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Ologesailie Pre-historic Site

Ologesailie Pre-historic Site

The journey to Olorgesailie prehistoric site is a dramatic one, climbing over the slopes of the Ngong Hills before descending into the Great Rift Valley and Maasailand.

The site is some 60 km from the city centre and was once, about half a million years ago, a hunters’ camp on the edge of a now vanished lake.

Depart Nairobi at 7.30am from Nairobi hotel for Olorgesailie, driving up the slopes of Nong Hills before descending into the Great Rift Valley and Maasai land. The site was once a hunter’s camp on the edge of a now vanished lake. The area has been well excavated and a knowledgeable guide is available to take you on a fascinating walk. There is a small museum on the site. Proceed to Lake Magadi an amazing expanse of crystalline soda on the surface of a shallow multi-colored lake. Settle down and have a picnic lunch. Then take a walk around the lake to view birds and flamingos. Drive back to Nairobi in the afternoon. Arrive and drop off at the hotel.

The small but excellent site museum at Olorgesailie was recently renovated, and holds exhibits on human evolution, stone tools, and site formation. A raised wooden catwalk has been built around an impressive in situ display of stone tools and animal fossils, all dating from 1.2 million years ago. Also at the site is a large picnic shade and four camping cottages, which can be rented on a self-help basis. The area can be very hot.

Lake Magadi is located in the southern Kenya. This 104 sq. km soda lake is completely surrounded by vast natural salt flats. These sweltering hot plains prevent animals from reaching the alkaline lake at its center. For this reason, thousands of flamingo descend on the lake each year to nest on elevated mud mounds at the lake’s edge safe from any potential predators. Freshwater springs at the Lake’s shore attract a host of other birds.